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6-12-2020 GIVING BACK MAGAZINE’S “FEEL GOOD FRIDAY” – 10 things about isaac howe and orucase

Isaac Howe, founder of Orucase, didn’t set out to create a whole new category in bicycle travel cases – he simply saw bike fees as an obstacle that stood in his way of reaching his goals in cycling. With the world facing the growing Coronavirus pandemic, Orucase retooled their production facilities to help produce protective face masks for medical professionals. In March, Orucase began making both consumer-focused surgical masks, as well as medical-grade masks. The proceeds from the sale of the consumer masks will be used to facilitate the production of more masks for medical workers. The purchase of one consumer mask, will help Orucase produce and donate up to 20 masks for medical professionals. 

Please click on the link to read more about Isaac and Orucase

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