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7-19-19 Giving Back Magazine’s “Feel Good Friday” – Dave Snyder & Symphony at Salk

Good thing I’m not famous, else people would be wondering if I’m pregnant -the way my dress is all poofed out around my stomach!!

Well, it’s Friday, so let’s get down to what’s important – certainly not my dress but today’s “Feel Good Friday” which features Dave Snyder & Symphony at Salk.

In 1955, Jonas Salk developed the first, safe & effective polio vaccine.

In 1960, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies was founded.

Since then, Salk scientists have made groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of aging, the brain, cancer, infectious disease, metabolism & plant science. 

Proceeds from Symphony at Salk are a vital source of funding for the institute.

Over 50% of Salk’s high risk research being done, is funded by philanthropy.

So, please click here to read how Dave Snyder is helping the Salk Institute discover cures for the benefit of all.

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